Due Dates & Billing Cycles

Utility Billing Cycles

The City is divided geographically into 9 billing cycles.  Billing cycle and route are provided on the statement.
Statement Cycle Route1
Statement Cycle Route2
  • Meters are typically read every 27 to 33 days.
  • A bill is sent monthly approximately 7-10 days later and is due on or before 16 days after the bill date.
  • Dates may be affected by holidays.

Cycle Due Dates

Cycle Bill Date Due Date
1 16th - 21st 2nd - 8th
2 14th - 20th 30th - 5th
3 16th - 21st 2nd - 8th
4 14th - 20th 30th - 5th
5 7th - 13th 23rd - 29th
6 21st - 27th 6th - 13th
7 9th - 15th 25th - 1st
8 24th - 28th 9th - 14th
9 25th - 31st 10th - 16th

What if I can't pay by the due date?

​Not to worry!

  • A five day grace period is provided before a late fee is assessed; the fee is 10% of the new charges or a minimum of $5.00
  • Two days after the grace period, a past due notice will be mailed, providing you an additional 12 days to pay.  So you're given an automatic 19-day extension from the due date! The automated phone system also attempts to contact the account holder so make sure your account information is up-to-date.
  • If no payment is received by the extension date, disconnection proceeds.
  • See also our Financial Assistance Program.

What happens if I'm disconnected?

  • Once a tag is dispatched, the entire balance (past due amount, current bill and related fees) must be paid to restore service.
  • Service will not be restored with partial payments.
  • An additional deposit is required if service is disconnected twice within a 12-month period.
  • Each subsequent disconnection will be assessed an additional deposit until a total of three times the average monthly bill is collected.
  • Only cash, credit card, or money order will be accepted once an account has been disconnected.